Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Greatest Flag

     The rain storm has passed once again and this morning there is a pleasant, balmy breeze. We have our American flag flying in the front yard and another one in the back yard. Today, I see it is flying so gracefully – not whipping in the wind and not wrapped around the pole, being soaking wet. I have seen it many times wrapped around the pole as tightly that I was sure it needed professional help and then the next minute it was unfurled and flying once again. I wish the problems of our country could be solved that easy. Lord, please give us a breeze today and blow away our problems.

     A yellow streak just ran by my library window. Dear Daisy Flower (full name) is racing Craig to the pond. Guess who won the race! The fish pond water has warmed up this week (unheard of forJanuary), so Craig is feeding the fish and Daisy is jumping up and down begging for fish food. Too bad she can't send some of that energy my way. When was the last time you jumped rope? Are you inspired to do it once again now?  I have one and I know just where it is hanging, out of sight.

     Last week we trimmed the lower branches off the tall, black pine tree that is directly in my view of the grotto. Now I can see so much more of that private section of my yard. I also see that the mirror needs to be washed. If I can see the 'fog' from here, it must really need to be cleaned. It is a huge, full-length mirror attached to the rock wall. Scott, our neighbor, is a tile installer and he hung it just perfect.  It gives a great illusion of a mysterious doorway to 'Never Never Land'.
             Can you find the mirror?  It has a rope across  it.

     Let your imagination run this week and tell me about it. I'll be back next Saturday.  Thanks for visiting with me today.

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