Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Worthy Cause

Welcome to my library again!

Last weekend was our mini-vacation: no telephones to answer, no TV to watch, no meals to cook while we attended a retreat in Turner, Oregon. The purpose of the event was having fellowship with like-minded people and participating in an auction to raise money to buy Bibles for Gideons in other countries not having funds to purchase their own for distribution. More than $10,000 was collected in three days!

At the annual auction, I'm excited to buy items I really want (plants for my garden and an eight-foot wind chime) and stuff I have no need for (another crystal bowl). I sold my famous chocolate chip cookies this year. In the past, they sold for $5.00 each. Thanks, Ted!

I wrote and printed a story entitled, “Jonah, Man on the Run” and put the book in the auction. Someone, who didn't even know me, bought it for $45. Now I feel like a real author!

A woman in my writing club wrote a review of this story for you who might want to own a copy. She stated, “Juanita combines the truth of Scripture with imagination to bring to life classical stories from the Bible. Her writing shows what ancient people probably experienced in their daily activities and relationship with God.”

Now I am really brave and decided to produce a second printing for $15 which includes postage. If you would like to own a signed copy, I would be proud to send it to you. Reading “Man of the Run” will re-introduce you to Jonah and his family, Jonah's prophetic ministry and how he tried to hide from his Creator who knows and sees everything.

Writing has become my passion. Last month I started my third story, “The King's Daughter”. My goal is to write a collection of  twenty short stories to place in one volume.

We'll talk later!

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