Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers, It's Your Day!

This weekend we honor memories of our mothers. The Internet encyclopedia says it is a day to celebrate by going to church (yes, that's what it said), giving of red and white carnations, and enjoying family dinners. We are going to do all three items this year.

Did you know honoring mothers officially dates back to the American Civil War days?

When Daddy's driving made Mother nervous, she would crochet to take her mind off the road. My dad was someone who passed everyone in front of him. At least that is what I remember. It works. While my husband drove us to Boise recently, I finished writing chapter one in my next short story.

Half of my readers probably know my mother. When Janice and I moved her to an assisted living home last year, we found an abundance of treasures: dozens of doilies (probably crocheted while Daddy drove), an unfinished embroidered tablecloth (which I reluctantly finished after lessons from Margaret) and hundreds of photos previously unseen by me.

I’m excited to show you one sexy lady! This is my mother, probably taken in 1944 while Daddy was in the Navy. This is one of my favorite treasures.
Isn't she beautiful?

May your Mother's Day weekend be filled with pleasant memories! Take time to reminisce plus create new memories with your family.

Love, Juanita

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